Since 1977, Navtech inc. works to develop a wide
expertise in naval architecture, marine engineering,
brokerage and marine surveys.

Detailed Engineering

Navtech inc. uses the powerful softwares ShipConstructor together with an experienced team highly qualified in production engineering. Navtech inc. collaborates closely with shipowners and shipyards to ensure that advanced detailed engineering techniques are suitable for the practices and facilities specific to each shipyard. Navtech inc. offers a complete range of services, including:

  • Complete structural design and 3-D model for NC cutting;
  • Plate nesting;
  • Assembly drawings;
  • Bill of materials;
  • 3-D pipe routing and clash detection;
  • 3-D HVAC routing and clash detection;
  • 3-D cable tray routing and clash detection;
  • Pipe penetrations;
  • Pipe spool drawings ;
  • Detailed development at vessel outfit;
  • Detailed weight calculation and monitoring.

Navtech inc. uses advanced detailed engineering techniques that allow shipyards to significantly reduce required labor. These techniques also allow powerful and optimized structure arrangements, pipe and HVAC.

The section achievements contains examples of projects performed by Navtech inc.